April, 2018

Need Reliable Car Transportation?

In order for you to get the best available, and most reliable car transportation for your needs, the most professional methods should be used. And, if you can find a company that has a network of carriers and is ready to quote you within minutes, then all the better to save time, energy and money.

Methods Of Shipping Your Vehicle

Your classic or antique, or newly purchased beauty of a car. can be sent from point A to point B on an enclosed or open trailer. And, if a pickup and drop off schedule can be arranged, and that will accommodate several vehicles, then that will also save you money. Of course, there’s the old fashioned way of shipping a vehicle, back in the day, of fastening it to someone’s truck or whatever and towing it to your home that way. Most of us are familiar with the latter method, if we were of college age or older in the 70s. Of the two types of car shipments arranged by professional companies, door to door is the most expensive but also the most secure. Your car is picked up at your home and then transported directly to another location at the other end. With terminal to terminal the car is dropped off at a gathering place or terminal, shipped when they have the load ready, then dropped off at a pickup area or train.

Can I Keep Personal Possessions In The Car?

Yes, you can do that, but it’s not a good idea because insurance companies cover only the vehicle itself and not anything inside of it. A reliable car transportation company will look after your vehicle but cannot guarantee anything extra placed inside of it. Also, due to the vagaries of weather during transport and possible jarring on a train, plane or trailer, goodies like removable car stereos and iPods etc. are best shipped separately.

What if my Car Gets Damaged During Shipment?

First, if you choose and then ship your vehicle with a reliable company, chances are slim to none that your vehicle will get damaged in any way. Just to cover the bases and make yourself feel secure, take photos of your vehicle before it ships. That way, you can show the photos to the company and they will be able to plainly see what damage occurred, if any.

How Long Does it Take?

It takes a remarkably short period of time to transport your vehicle, using a reliable car transportation company. If you are going from the East Coast to the West, in a reasonably straight line, then it can take from one to two weeks. If going from West Coast to East, then the same. Transportation between two different points will take a correspondingly shorter or longer time. If you live way out in the country then having the car dropped off at a big city center, can shorten your transport by days. Anywhere you live though, the ease of using auto transport cuts so much of the time and energy you would use in trying to do it yourself. And, unless you are a superman or superwoman and can stay awake twenty hours straight, then there will be added expenses for lodging, food and gas. This must all be taken into consideration before you decide.

What Do I Do, And How Do I Do It?

Car transportation is done nationwide and that includes Hawaii and Alaska. Of course, unless your car is an amphibious classic, or one of those cars that can also fly (long live the fifties!), then some method of crossing over water (or through another country) will be utilized. Get a quote first from a reliable car transportation company off the web, and set your anxieties to rest.