February, 2018

Internet Access For Car Transportation

In this day and age where there are all types of “here today and gone tomorrow” businesses available on the Internet, how do you know which ones to really trust? especially when it comes to big ticket items such as car transportation service either from one state to the next or clear across the country. Well, the best advice I have received is to do my due diligence and research, research, research. This has proven to be very good advice for me as I had some very specific requirements of the company that would be transporting my car for me.

The first thing that comes to mind is the honesty and reputation of the service provider. Make sure that you have all your facts about the company, i.e. are they licensed in ALL states to do transport? What kind of years of experience do they have? What types of drivers to they use? What are the expected timelines? and some possible issues that could arise?

Certainly auto transport is a scary proposal if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into – so you want to look for a company that will spend the time to explain the whole process in detail and, at the same time, ensure that the route prepared is the quickest and safest. Customer service, especially in this type of transaction is crucial – if you feel that the people you are dealing with are not professional – then move on.

Unfortunately, too many people seem to base their entire decision on which company to use based on which one is the cheapest – which usually ends up being a move they are sorry for. Sure, price must be a factor when evaluating which company to go with, but it certainly should not be the only factor looked at.

You are NOT expected to be the expert on this subject matter and you will be relying on the experts to help you with this process, but that does not mean that you have to hand them control of the whole transaction (not to mention your precious car).