March, 2017

Shhh – Top Secrets For Car Transport

Transporting a car for beginners may seem tricky. These five tips are the key ingredients for successful online car transport.

1. Avoid Craigslist. Scams are abundant for auto transport on Craigslist. While Craigslist may be appropriate for purchasing or selling smaller items, it is not the place to find a person to take possession of your vehicle. There are few purchases in life as significant as a car, thus book with a reputable company to care for this prized possession.

2. No website. Performing a quick internet search for a auto transport company will showcase real, trustworthy corporations. Perhaps you hear of a “guy” or some other car transportation service. If either of these lacks an online presence they lack one of the strongest marketing tools around. Without marketing tools or website businesses cannot successfully increase their client base and are not serious in satisfying customers. This is not to say that any company with a website is legitimate. Seek out a company who proudly displays the seal of accreditation of the Better Business Bureau.

3. Online booking. Booking a auto shipping service to transport your vehicle can be done online. Simple technology is in use by dependable companies to do just this. Again, this is a primary service tool of highly regarded companies. If the company can make the investment to utilize this technology then it is serious about its business.

4. No location. This is an immediate red flag. All auto shipping companies have a physical location. At this location there should be staff working to coordinate the logistics of the fleet of vehicles on the road. Likewise there may be storage for the fleet to be serviced or in a holding pattern waiting for the next job. Do not book a car transport business that lacks a physical presence.

5. Cell phones. People are attached to their cell phones for personal and business use. This should not be the case for a car transport organization. Calling the company to receive a status update of the vehicle means that a person is in the office and ready to assist you. By only contacting a car transport company via a cell phone highlights their lack of organization and dedication to the auto transportation business.

Following these top five secrets to car transport will set up your experience for success. These are terrific points to consider when selecting a quality transporter.