January, 2017

Moving Exotic Cars Using a Car Transporter

When a person has to change his place of residence due to professional or personal reasons, car shipping is one of the main priorities for him. There are a number of companies and agencies in every city which provide all the services related to auto moving. With a little search on various websites over the internet, you can easily select the most suitable and convenient car Transport Company for you. The company you select must be registered with the Department of Transport (DOT). Besides this, the car shipping company should also hold valid insurance cover to carry your car to new place. In case the value of the insurance cover held by the auto moving company is inadequate to cover for your exotic and expensive car, you should invariably get additional insurance policy to get cover for damages to your car in case of any accident or mishap.

Most of the auto transporters prefer to carry cars in a lot of 8 to 10 cars through an open trailer. Although this method is quite cheaper, it may expose your valuable car to several probable damages through dust, dirt, adverse climatic conditions and some scratches due to collision between the cars on an uneven terrain. If you own an exotic car which is very expensive too, you should prefer to book it for shipping by an enclosed trailer. This mode is quite expensive but it will keep your car safe from all possible damages to a large extent. In this method, the car shipping companies carry only 2 to 3 cars at a time in an enclosed container for utmost safety and security of your favorite car. You should make prior arrangements with the auto moving company for the pick up and delivery of your car at the initial point and also at the destination where you want the car to be delivered.

You should make a proper and intensive search to look for the most reliable and efficient Car Transport Company to transport your car in the most secure way. You should make a detailed inspection note on the physical condition of the car and compare it with the status of the car when it is delivered at the desired destination. It will enable you to point out any damages caused to the car during the transit period. Further, while booking an expensive car for the purpose of shipping, you should not leave any personal belongings inside the car and all accessories like music player, back view mirrors etc. should be removed before delivery of the car for shipping.

You should also get a tentative date for the delivery of the vehicle at the destination from the auto transporter that you can make suitable arrangements for the parking of the vehicle when it is delivered at the new place. Sometimes, it is not possible for the auto moving company to deliver the vehicle strictly as per schedule. This delay might be caused due to some weather hazards, mechanical breakdown or traffic disturbances etc.